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Discover the intriguing life, accomplishments, and legacy of America’s most dynamic and controversial founding father, Alexander Hamilton.

From the obscure island of Nevis in the Caribbean, to the most famous island in the world—Manhattan—Hamilton’s meteoric rise to the world stage is the story of the nation he created and the city he shaped in his own image.

His impoverished and tragic childhood inspired his determination to leave his mark in the world around him, and in his brief lifetime he surpassed even the most ambitious of imaginations.

From serving as Washington’s most trusted aide, to achieving battlefield glory in Yorktown, Hamilton proved his dedication to American independence with valor and tireless resolve. As the main author of the Federalist Papers, he defended the Constitution greater than any other person in history, insuring its ratification.

As Treasury Secretary he resolved the nation’s debt and created the financial systems that would transform the young country into an economic empire unlike any the world has ever known. Join Hamilton expert Jimmy Napoli as he walks in the footprints of the “Little Lion” and discover why Hamilton is known as the most influential New Yorker of all time.

About Us

Jimmy Napoli

Jimmy Napoli

Jimmy Napoli has been a licensed N.Y.C. tour guide since 1996, specializing in the American Revolution, the creation of the Federal Government of the United States of America, the abolition movement and women's suffrage. His main area of interest and expertise is Alexander Hamilton.

In 2007, Jimmy appeared in the PBS documentary "The American Experience: Alexander Hamilton," written and directed by Middlemarch Films.

Jimmy was published in 2012 in a re-edition of the classic biography "George Washington: the Indispensable Man" by James Thomas Flexner, writing the additional essays and providing historical consultation on this Sterling Publishing signature edition.

He is also a frequent lecturer at Morris-Jumel Mansion, George Washington's 1776 headquarters in Harlem, where he speaks about the lives and legacies of America's Founding Fathers.

Currently, Jimmy is writing a book about 1790, centering around the second session of the United States Congress, held at Federal Hall on Wall Street.

Born on Manhattan Island, Jimmy grew up fast in the turbulent 1970's in the rough-and-tumble neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens. He has lived in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and for the last 20 years has been a resident of Manhattan Island.

"I love sharing my passion for the history of New York and the ideals of our founding fathers with visitors and locals alike," says Jimmy. "Those ideals are still very much alive today, and will forever be engraved on our city streets."

"Napoli is a force of nature, with the energy of an entire cast of actors"

NY Times

Our Team


Carol S. Ward has over 10 years of collaborative leadership in non-profit management, financial oversight, fundraising, strategic planning, Board relationships and grant-winning cultural program development. Most recently she was Executive Director of the Morris-Jumel Mansion in New York City, with prior positions at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT and the Ridderhof Martin Gallery in Fredericksburg, VA.

Ms. Ward is an art historian with her BA from Mary Washington College, and two Masters Degrees, her first in Museum Education from the College of New Rochelle, and her second in Art History from Hunter College.

Articles she has written have been published in The Magazine Antiques, The Historic House Trust journal, the American Alliance of Museums Magazine, Antiques Weekly and catalogs for the Bruce Museum, Morris-Jumel Mansion and Keno Auctions.

Her book "Visions of America: The Morris-Jumel Mansion" was published in 2015 and she has recently appeared in the PBS Documentary Hamilton's America.


Native New Yorker Ted has been a licensed New York City Tour Guide for 15 years. His specialties include architecture, history and sports, and he has led guided tours by bus, by foot, by boat, by limo, even by helicopter.

Besides working for several double-decker bus companies during the past 15 years, Ted specializes in private tours for junior high school and high school groups as well as the elderly.

He frequently guides groups from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Australia, and twice each year leads the parents of newly-enrolled Columbia University and Barnard College students around the Harlem community as part of a University-sponsored orientation. Ted and his wife Marybeth have two teenagers, a boy and a girl. All four hail from the Upper West Side of Manhattan.


Fred has been a licensed New York City tour guide since 1996. He specializes in New York's colonial and revolutionary history. He has led tours for the New York Historical Society, Fraunces Tavern® Museum, Heritage Trails New York, the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership, the Art Deco Society, the Morris-Jumel Mansion, and the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution. He has a Masters in American History from Brooklyn College.


I have been a NYC licensed tour guide since 1994 but it was 6 years earlier in New Orleans, Louisiana that I started a career of sharing the history of America with visitors to this country. Like Hamilton, I am an immigrant to the U.S. Born in Belgium, with a French heritage on my mother's side. My earliest tours were from Boston to Washington D.C. with French speaking customers. The challenge of telling America's history was made easier with a 7-day tour that started on the Freedom Trail and ended in Lafayette park near the White House. I have taken 30+ years to develop my history of America, yet when I heard Lin-Manuel Miranda's "HAMILTON", I thought to myself, Mon Dieu! He's done it in 3 hours!


Asja studied painting in Germany, where she was born and raised. In early 2004 she came to New York City, taking full advantage of the lively art scene in Manhattan and the outer Boroughs. As a mom of two boys, she didn’t want to give up her creative outlet, so she dragged her sons to every art event in the city and soon developed a passion to study the city's history. Her research quickly led her to Alexander Hamilton and his many contributions in creating the United States. She has been a NYC Sightseeing guide ever since.

She is the founder of Artspace 88.

Eva Eileen

Eva Eileen was born in the Netherlands, and in addition to her native Dutch, learned to speak English, German and some French and Serbo-Croatian.

She sold diamonds in Amsterdam, toured with a theater troupe throughout the former Yugoslavia during the Serbo-Croatian war, and came to New York in 2000 with $50 and a carefree spirit.

To find her orientation amongst towering skyscrapers, she obtained her NYC Sightseeing license soon after arrival. Through trial and error, she found out that tourism is a better fit for her than waitressing, since she talks too much for that line of work.

Eva Eileen is managing the office of Hamilton’s New York and Outside In Tours and handles all communications with the clients.

Her passion for history and story-telling inspired her to produce several historical plays. She is currently writing, acting and producing a play about Rachel Faucette, the brilliant, scandal-ridden mother of Alexander Hamilton.


Hamilton's Wall Street

Private and public tours available.

Not even Pennsylvania Avenue invokes a greater image of power in the imagination than the concrete canyons of Wall Street.

The financial epicenter of American commerce and business, its very name seems too large to be contained on the short narrow street itself and instead has become a symbol of global finance.

Alexander Hamilton envisioned modern America and the seat of the nation's financial power more accurately than any other Founding Father. Creating the Bank of New York in 1784 and the First National Bank in 1790, he eventually restored national credit to a bankrupt country, and by doing so birthed America’s most critical financial systems. Hamilton's vision has defined Wall Street more than any other person in history to date.

This tour explores the city of New York in Hamilton's life, and the deep impression he left behind. As we uncover the secrets behind his inexhaustible drive and his unimaginable achievements, it explains his relentless effort to leave his bold impression on his adopted nation.

This tour will start at the Battery to recall the battles of the American Revolution and the toll New York paid for Independence during the war, and will describe how Hamilton rose from Captain of an artillery company to the right hand of Washington himself.

We will discuss the creation of the Federal Government of the United States as well as the 1st and 2nd Sessions of Congress and numerous other events that took place at Federal Hall. We will also visit Trinity Church to pay tribute and respect to the Hamilton's at their final resting place. The tour will end at Fraunces Tavern for a drink in one of Hamilton's old haunts. Join us as we celebrate the life and work of America's most accomplished and complex Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton.

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Hamilton's Harlem

Private and public tours available.

Hamilton's years in Harlem influenced him dramatically, yet also transformed forever Harlem itself as a community. Beginning with his outstanding military resilience in the face of insurmountable odds, through his last years of his life reeling from unimaginable personal loss and political expulsion, Alexander and Elizabeth both left their impression and spirits enshrined in the progression of the community.

This tour tells Hamilton's story from an intimate look into the life of the man himself, and the incredible work he achieved in his brief lifetime.

We will visit Morris-Jumel Mansion, uncovering the wealth of history the house has to offer and explore the early years of Hamilton's life, from his childhood in the West Indies to the Battle of Harlem Heights.

From the mansion we will walk from Washington Heights to Hamilton Heights, discovering the Sugar Hill section and examining the neighborhood during Hamilton's time, and today.

The tour will visit Hamilton Grange, the only home Alexander Hamilton ever owned. Here we will discuss Hamilton's tireless work after the war, his bitter battles with the other founders and the many victories he achieved as well as the groundswell of events leading up to the fateful "Interview in Weehawken".

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Napoli's New York: A Cruise & Crawl Adventure

Private and public tours available.

Set sail with us as we navigate the history of New York on this pub crawl of Lower Manhattan and booze cruise of New York Harbor featuring views of the skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

This uniquely crafted pub crawl will examine two of Jimmy Napoli's favorite topics - the American Revolution and immigration. Of course the day would not be complete without drinks at some of Jimmy's favorite taverns along the way:

At Fraunces Tavern we will discuss Revolutionary New York and the struggles, hardships and bravery of the Continental Army in 1776.

At the Paris Cafe we will explore 19th Century history; primarily the Eerie Canal, the Brooklyn Bridge, mass immigration and industrialization.

The Statue of Liberty is the common denominator, so this tour not only includes historic pub stops downtown, but also drinks aboard the magnificent 110 ft Majestic Princess as we cruise off to get a better look at the Lady in the Harbor.

The day will finish with a walk to Winnie's Bar - Jimmy's favorite Chinatown hangout - for a last round before stumbling back to the subway!

Must be 21 years old. Ticket includes Cruise Ship entry and 2 drink chips redeemable on the Majestic Princess.

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Hamilton's Philadelphia

Private tours only.

After serving as aide-de-camp and Lt. Colonel to General George Washington, the commander in chief of The Continental Army during the American Revolution, Hamilton remarkably survived and returned to Pennsylvania as a New York delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1787, then again as the first Treasury Secretary of the nation in the second Capitol of the United States in 1790.

Hamilton irrefutably left an indelible mark on the city of Philadelphia.

Follow us into the eye of the hurricane on this whirlwind discovery of the sacrifices, successes, and scandals of the most dynamic man in American history. On this journey through the streets of Philadelphia, be prepared for a highly vivid, energetic and entertaining exploration into the unimaginable life and times of Alexander Hamilton in the City of Brotherly Love.

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Hamilton's Morristown

Private tours only.

Our expert Hamilton guides lead this full-day tour of Morristown, New Jersey, the winter headquarters of the Continental Army in 1777 and again in 1779-1780.

We will capture Hamilton's romantic obsession with Honor, Glory and God, as well as his struggles with the world that he was centuries ahead of in his irrepressible vision.

We will explore the Revolutionary War in a concise form and focus on the hardships faced reaching this haven for the army, as well as the early romance of Hamilton and his beloved Betsy. We will view the Schuyler-Hamilton House where their courtship blossomed, and discuss the lives they shared together during the war and after.

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The Life of Alexander Hamilton

The most comprehensive lecture on the full life and times of Alexander Hamilton ever offered.

The American Revolution

The War of Independence is the most improbable event in American history. Discover the sacrifices, struggles and hardships faced by the men and women of the revolutionary era.

The Creation of the Federal Government

From the United States Constitutional Convention to the re-location of the federal government, this lecture explores the birth of America in post-revolutionary times.

The Duel

All the details leading up to the infamous "Interview in Weehawken", where the two greatest lawyers in New York history risked it all for the preservation of their honor.

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Additional Information and Disclaimers

Our walking tours are moving lectures. Comfortable shoes are suggested. IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH WALKING OR STANDING, PLEASE LET US KNOW IN ADVANCE.

We will take breaks for restrooms during the tour.

This tour offers a deep insight into the creation of the Federal Government and the two party system. Comparisons to today's political culture may often arise, and while all political opinions are respected, this is a public tour and we do not intend to offend any participants, but rather to educate and entertain. As such, extreme beliefs, right or left are best kept to oneself during the course of the tour. After the tour there will be time for further conversation. However, be advised, this tour (and our guides) staunchly promote Hamiltonian progressive ideology. If you are offended easily by political debate, this tour is probably not for you.

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